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Research Grant

Sl. No Principal Investigator Topic Name of Agency Research Grants (Rs) Year
1 Prof  Suchitra Rati Screening of healthy women using visual inspection with acetic acid for detection of cervical cancer. RGUHS 100000/- 2017
2 Mr Amaranath Shanmukhe Effectiveness of evidence based practice protocol for prevention of catheter associated urinary tract infections (CAUTIS) in adult critical care patients. RGUHS 75000/- 2018
3 Mr Basheerahmed J S Superbrain yoga for adolescents on management of selected psychosocial problems. RGUHS 50000/- 2018
4 Prof Kavitha K Impact of BRIDGE (Babies Reaching Improved Development and Growth in their Environment) Program on parental awareness and developmental outcome of high risk newborns. BLDE (DU) 341000/- 2020
5 Dr Ninganagouda G Patil Effectiveness of BME (4-7-8 Breathing, Meditation, Education) on Health status, stress, burn out, knowledge and health promoting behaviors of nurses in a  selected hospital of Vijayapur. RGUHS 80000/- 2020