Top Class Facilities

SBMPINS - library


Well-stocked with numerous journals, textbooks and literature collections. The library also comprises a digital section which has internet facility and is stocked with audiovisual aids, and DVDs and CDs on a wide range of subjects to give students access to a comprehensive knowledge base.

SBMPINS - Campus


Has a quiet environment with all conveniences such as banking, ATM, internet and a clean cafeteria. The campus has temples of Lord Shiva and Ganesh for the spiritually inclined students.

SBMPINS - Hostels


There are separate hostels for male and female students. Clean accommodation, adequate water, hygienic food and proper security are provided.

SBMPINS - Sports and cultural activities

Sports and cultural activities

The campus has a vast 10-acre playground, which is ideal for playing cricket, football and kabaddi and conducting track events. The playground also gives students ample scope for physical exercise. An indoor recreation hall located within the institute provides facilities for games such as carom, chess, etc. Students are also encouraged to participate actively in cultural activities and competitions.

SBMPINS - Guesthouse


For visiting dignitaries, there is a guesthouse equipped with modern amenities and an attached dining hall.